beaver stadium seating chart

NOTE: Seating layouts may change depending on the type of event. Please check the individual seating chart when selecting your tickets.

The seat type in Beaver Stadium is bleacher seating, except for the players’ family seating, the Mount Nittany Club seating, and the new South end zone upper deck seats. The bleacher seats are the tightest at a reported 13 inches wide per seat and can be pretty tight when everyone takes to their seat.

The sections are easy to figure out by looking at the first letter of the section on your ticket. An “N” means your seat is in the North end of the stadium, “E” is East, “S” is South and “W” is West.

There are a few different kinds of seats in the stadium. The premium seats are Club Seats, Suites, and Event Seats.

Club Seating

Club Seats feature 21-inch wide seats with 33 inches of leg room. Additionally, there are customized nameplates and personal cupholders. Club Seats holders are also entitled to access the private lounge. Where else, the Stadium Suites offer fans with 12 permanently affixed wide chair backs, for portable seats, and a couch. Suite holders can purchase up to 16 tickets per game. As for event seats, fans can book a box or more depending on their event requirement.

What are the best seats at Beaver Stadium?

So, where is the best seat for the non-premium areas? Home fans are to look for Section EE and EF, which are located right behind the Penn State players’ bench. Visitor fans should go for Sections WE and WF, which are located at the back of the visitor players’ bench.

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